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Deportation Risk

Once you have created a life here in the United States, the prospect of being deported/removed is almost unimaginable. Unfortunately, for many the unimaginable becomes all too real. Fortunately, the immigration laws of the United States allows immigrants facing deportation or removal to apply for asylum, cancellation of removal, and waivers from deportation.

Our Commitment:


At Dagher Khraizat Immigration Law Group, we understand the dire consequences a deportation/removal presents for you and your family and we will do everything in our power to get you relief from removal. We begin with a thorough consultation and ask the right questions that help you to see your case in the “big picture” as well as understand long-term expectations.

Immigration proceedings before the immigration court can be very ridged in terms of appearances and if one does not understand the procedures and deadlines one may end up ordered removed. Get started today and discover the Dagher Khraizat Immigration Law difference.

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